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Gebze Sultan Orhan Quarter Masterplan for Conservation

Sultan Orhan Quarter planning area brings traditional neighbourhood texture from Ottoman period to present, as well as carries items of modern quarter concept that is defined in scientific sense with its still alive social and spatial structure.
It has been tried to design a 3. construction size that provides a pass between high-density and low-density because of revealing estetically a sharp contrast in the area with traditional construction texture and licensed buildings and hides deaf walls when it is necessary.
It is possible to reconstruct the buildings from 50’s and 60’s on their own dimensions and on limited dimensions in possible areas.
This design process is based on Ottoman quarter’s organic layout without considering regulation conditions and setback distance.

Client: Gebze Belediye Başkanlığı
Area: 4.5 Ha
Project Type: Masterplan for conservation

Gebze, Kocaeli /

Design Team

Prof. Hüseyin Kaptan