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Masterplan for conservation around Gebze Çoban Mustafa Paşa Social Complex

In the masterplan, it is thought to design backyard as a common exterior space in possible areas. The backyards are possible areas for development of landscape items, social and recreative activities , as well as they are interior spaces that commercial buildings open their shop windows. Generally, buildings around social complex are planned as 3 floors and the buildings that are completed according to old plan are proposed to be planned as their existent number of floors.
Palace of culture and municipality building are proposed to be designed at south part of the town square. Thus, the culture platform takes a facade from south wall of historical complex, integrates with the park of municipality at west side and it is surrounded by proposed municipality building and palace of culture at southwest side if Atatürk Street becomes closed to traffic and Şehit Numan Dede Street is passed by overpass.

Client: Gebze Mayorship

Area: 14 Ha

Project Type: Masterplan for conservation

Gebze, Kocaeli /

Design Team

Prof. Hüseyin Kaptan